In a particular neighborhood on California st., the sun diffuses into a mist, rain cleans the air- the seasons flow gently to the people living there. On one corner, I opened Kaju Cafe four years ago. The neighborhood welcomed me and I went to work elsewhere to support the cafe.

One day, I found myself alone again behind the counter wondering how to renew the dream. My passion for food and coffee is fourth generation to me! With a small core of family, neighbors, and friends I stalled my family's future to rebuild this corner of sunshine. First came people with incredible charisma to work there, then, tweaking the cuisine. Finally, the remodeling.

Today, Ashley's Cafe is a Mecca for a staid and diverse community, continuing a unique quality of food and coffee. Experience the food, the crew, the neighbors, the elements life and nature mix here. And come back for more. Someone special is always here to salute life with you.

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415) 831-6269 / 4454 California st. San Francisco CA 94118
Located on the corner of 7th Ave & California
Mon-Fri 6am-8pm / Sat & Sun 7am-8pm
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